High-performance data-centric stack
for big data applications and operations
BigDataStack is a Research & Innovation Action (RIA) funded as part of the H2020 programme of the European Commission, which lasts 36 months and has kicked off on the 1st January 2018
A project co-funded by the European Commission aiming at delivering a complete high-performant stack of technologies addressing the emerging needs of data operations and applications.



Optimization and scalability: Architect and implement a complete real-time data-oriented environment targeting data operations and data-intensive applications


Dimensioning and automation: Understand and model distributed data analytics and process mining tasks, as well as data-intensive applications in order to dynamically compile deployment patterns


Performance and dynamicity: Deliver an infrastructure management system for the holistic management of computing, storage and networking resources, encompassing techniques for runtime adaptations of all BigDataStack operations


Automation, agility, quality: Realize Data as a Service through data functions across the complete data path and lifecycle


Openness and exensibility: Provide a data toolkit and an adaptive visualization environment


Applicability and validation: Challenge and showcase BigDataStack innovations through various use cases


Sustainability and competitive advantage: Introduce the European Open Source initiative and define clear exploitation paths and strategy


Project coordinator