Services Australia tested the BigDataStack used OpenShift on OpenStack with Kuryr software.


RedHat customer Services Australia tested OpenShift on OpenStack with Kuryr software, as used in BigDataStack. Services Australia is responsible for the delivery of advice and high-quality, accessible social, health and child support services and payments. 

Services Australia was interested in utilising the benefits of running OpenShift on OpenStack with Kuryr. Primarily by allocating floating IPs to OpenShift services, thus facilitating inter-cluster communication, in addition to the performance enhancements that come with avoiding double encapsulation.  Services Australia

The added value of OpenShift with Kuryr on top of OpenStack

Red Hat extended Kuryr integration in OpenShift in BigDataStack, to get improved network performance when running OpenShift/Kubernetes on top of OpenStack resources, in a fully podified, operator-based approach. Red Hat also implemented the support for Network Policies (based on OpenStack security groups), as well as the option to expose services externally in an easy way without administrative intervention through LoadBalancer service type. Services Australia tested the software for the same purpose, benefits of using Kuryr are:

  • Better network performance (up to 9 times)

  • One single Software Defined Networking (SDN), resulting in improved maintainability and debuggability in case any problems surface.

  • Possibility of exposing services of Load Balancer type easily, to the outside of the OpenStack/OpenShift clusters,

Using Open Source software Kuryr

BigDataStack aims at providing a complete infrastructure management system, which will base the management and deployment decisions on data from current and past application and infrastructure deployments. This complete infrastructure management system is delivered as a full“stack” that facilitates the needs of operation data and application. Thanks to software such as Kuryr being open source, and even though some extra work is required (e.g testing, covering extra corner cases when submitting your modifications) the software components used in BigDataStack can also be used by your organisation. The benefits they bring are not just tight to the BigDataStack stack, but to anyone using the infrastructure.


Learn more about the BigDataStack extended software components.