D2.1 – State of the art and Requirements analysis - I

Quick guide through BigDataStack state of the art and requirements analysis - I

The situation

This is the first version of the state-of-the-art and requirements analysis to drive the architecture and research effort in BigDataStack. User requirements have been collected through the BigDataStack’s use case providers and complemented with emerging technical requirements. They have also been tracked during the project lifetime so far to ensure that the BigDataStack platform will be fully addressed and properly considered.

Where are we supposed to go?

In order to contextualize the analysis, the state-of-the-art has been introduced and its technologies exploited and linked under the context of the project so to maximize what could be obtained from them.

In addition to this, an initial set of measurable and unambiguous business and technical requirements has been provided for further analysis (with reference to the real-time ship management use case), together with detailed descriptions of the platform stakeholders, business model, expected business outcomes and business goals.

The goal is to obtain a key input for the architecture and the research activities of the project as outcomes.

Conclusions and next steps

Due to the early stage of the developing work, the overall architecture is not yet matured or finalized, and not all software technology requirements could be identified yet but BigDataStack’s technology providers have been analyzing the role their respective technologies may play in the BigDataStack vision and some important system requirements have been identified and specified:
Data-driven Infrastructure Management, Data as a Service, Data Visualization, Data Toolkit, Process Modelling, and Dimensioning Workbench.



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