D2.3 – Requirements & State of the Art Analysis – III


This is the final version of a series of three deliverables specifying the business stakeholder (business) as well as technical (software and technology) requirements for the overall BigDataStack environment: 


Requierements analysis based on BigDataStack use cases

In the requirements analysis presented in this document, a top-down approach is taken with respect to the user requirements, which have been collected through the BigDataStack use case providers. This is complemented with a bottom-up approach aiming to identify, collect, and analyse the rest of the stakeholder requirements as well as technical requirements from the BigDataStack technology.

The analysis has produced measurable and unambiguous requirements, which inform and drive architectural and design at different levels of the BigDataStack platform: capabilities, services and technologies. To contextualize this analysis, this deliverable also introduces the state-of-the-art (baseline) technologies that may play a role in BigDataStack research and implementation activities. In fact, we do not simply state some state-of-the-art technologies but rather link them to BigDataStack and elaborate what BigDataStack can obtain from them as a baseline.


Connections to other BigDataStack reports and work

Note that the set of requirements contained in this deliverable supersedes those specified in the first and second version of the requirements specification. This version captures the rationale behind the architecture decisions described in the final version of the architecture as described in D2.5 Conceptual model and Reference architecture - II and design decisions described in the design specifications of the main pillars of BigDataStack.


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