D5.1 - Dimensioning, Modelling and Interaction Services of BigDataStack

Dimensioning, Modelling and Interaction Services of BigDataStack


BigDataStack delivers a complete high-performant stack of technologies addressing the needs of data operations and applications. BigDataStack’s holistic solution incorporates approaches for data-focused application analysis and dimensioning, and process modelling towards increased performance, agility and efficiency. A toolkit allowing the specification of analytics tasks in a declarative way, their integration in the data path, as well as an adaptive visualization environment, realize BigDataStack’s vision of openness and extensibility.

Dimensioning, Modelling and Interaction Services of BigDataStack

The main objective of the dimensioning, modelling and interaction services building block of BigDataStack is to provide all the interaction mechanisms including the Process Modelling framework, the Data Toolkit, the Dimensioning Workbench, and the Visualization environment. These are required in order to exploit the added-value services of the “underlying” BigDataStack data-driven infrastructure management and the Data as a Service offering.

  • The Process Modelling Framework will allow for declarative and flexible modelling of process analytics. Functionality-based process modelling will be concretized to technical-level process mining analytics, while a feedback loop will be implemented towards overall process optimization and adaptation.
  • The Process Mapping component targets the problem of identifying or recommending the best algorithm from a set of candidate algorithms, given a specific data analysis task, in an automatic way. Its role is to automatically map a step of a process to a specific algorithmic instance from a given pool of algorithms, thereby achieving “process mapping”.;
  • The Data Toolkit facilitates Data Scientists in building operational analytic workflows by means of data pipelines through Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs);
  • The Application Dimensioning Workbench aims to provide insights regarding the required infrastructure resources for the data services and application components (micro-services), linking the used resources with load and expected QoS levels;
  • Adaptable Visualizations will present graphs and reports of data and analytics outcomes in an adaptive and interactive way;

Main Take-aways

Thus, the current deliverable presents the vision for the Dimensioning, Modelling and Interaction Services of BigDataStack, the context, the goal and the main services realizing this vision. Moreover, the corresponding roles interacting with these services and the design of the proposed solution are discussed in the current document. The deliverable contains the use cases to be supported and the expected progress until M18, while it also describes in detail the different components, along with the corresponding requirements and the next steps. Updated versions of this report are planned for M23 and M34 respectively.



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