D6.1 – Use case description and implementation

Use case description and implementation



BigDataStack delivers a complete high-performance stack of technologies addressing the needs of data operations and applications. The BigDataStack project was conceived as a data centric platform, integrating approaches for Data as a Service. Approaches for data cleaning, data layout and efficient storage, combined with seamless data analytics will be realised holistically across multiple data stores and locations. BigDataStack holistic solution incorporates approaches for data-focused application analysis and dimensioning, and process modelling towards increased performance, agility and efficiency. A toolkit allowing the specification of analytics tasks in a declarative way, their integration in the data path, as well as an adaptive visualization environment, realize BigDataStack’s vision of openness and extensibility.


Implementing BigDataStack solutions in shipping, retail and insurance indutries

This report includes a description of the three BigDataStack use cases together with their implementation on top of the above mentioned architecture components. 

  1. Real-time Shipping Management: this use case utilizes the BigDataStack architecture for big data management (emphasis on the data as a service key offering), its analytics and methods for scheduling of orders, preventive maintenance, visualization of the current state and final results. By incorporating these aspects through the DANAOS platform, BigDataStack allows shipping companies to cherish their data and use them in a difficult decision-making process, such as the supply management of a fleet.
  2. Connected Consumer: this use case utilizes the BigDataStack environment to implement and provide a recommender system for the grocery market. All of the data that are used for training the analytic algorithms of the use case is corporate data provided by a top food retailer company in Spain.
  3. Smart Insurance: this use case will use BigDataStack to implement smart recommendation systems for the insurance market. The datasets that will be used within the process of the use case is corporate data provided by an insurance company, based in Italy, selected from the GFT customers’ portfolio.

Next steps

Thus, the current deliverable presents the description for the three BigDataStack use cases, the context, the goal, the datasets and the main scenarios implemented or next to be implemented. Dealing with large datasets, relevant GDPR-related information is included. An updated version of this report is scheduled for October 2020. 


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