D7.2 – Exploitation Plan and Business potential

Exploitation plan and Business potential


This deliverable provides the foundation to define appropriate exploitation for the BigDataStack results. The basis to define realistic exploitation is the identification of the exploitable assets of the project, technical features, competitors, licensing analysis, etc. all the aspects needed to position the asset in the market context. 


Towards the BigDataStack Exploitation Plan

BigDataStack has identified 17 software components/outcomes developed within the BigDataStack key offering proposed.

In addition to the identification of the exploitable assets, market analysis has been carried out to define the market context of the project as well as the stakeholders, SWOT analysis and value proposition. To complement this, a preliminary study of three business models have been described, not just to exploit the BigDataStack key offerings but also to exploit the knowledge acquired during the project for educational and consultancy purposes.

An initial joint exploitation strategy has been defined, which will be completed once the consortium has decided the business model to exploit the BigDataStack. 


Conclusions and Next Steps

During the first period of the BigDataStack project, exploitation activities have been mainly focused on three aspects:

  • Define the market context for BigDataStack outcomes
  • Identify and describe BigDataStack SW components developed by the partners
  • Identify the initial partners’ exploitation interest and intentions discovered during the first months of the project.

This deliverable aims at being the starting point for the next planned exploitation activities which will improve the sections included in this first report. Next activities exploitation activities planned will be:


  • Update the Market analysis, focusing on the market context for the specific SW components.
  • Market analysis of the use cases sectors: Maritime, Consumers and Banking, and benefits obtained with the implementation of BigDataStack outcomes to their businesses.
  • Further investigation of the three business models identified for BigDataStack outcomes and describe more exhaustively the Business Model Canvas components.
  • Define the Joint Exploitation Plan agreed with partners and discussed in an Exploitation Workshop.
  • Work closely with the Impact Creation Board (ICB) to define a realistic Roadmap adoption.



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