WP7 Communication, Exploitation, Standardisation & Roadmapping

D7.1 – Initial publication package

Dissemination activities are considered of primary importance for the BigDataStack project Consortium since the impact of the project can only be meaningful if the achieved results are widely communicated to the public.

D7.2 – Exploitation Plan and Business potential

This deliverable provides the foundation to define appropriate exploitation for the BigDataStack results. The basis to define realistic exploitation is the identification of the exploitable assets of the project, technical features, competitors, licensing analysis, etc. all the aspects needed to position the asset in the market context. 


D7.3 – Exploitation Plan and Business Potential-V2

This deliverable is the second of a set of two Exploitation and Business Potentials deliverables included in the BigDataStack Grant Agreement.

The objective of this deliverable is to report on the exploitation activities carried out within Task 7.14, from M18-M36. The report is focused on the exploitation paths for BigDataStack components, partners’ exploitation plans and BigDataStack joint exploitation.

Structure of the document

This document is structured in 3 main sections:

D7.4 – Dissemination and Standardisation

WP7 Dissemination, Exploitation, Standardisation and Roadmapping provides a practical business model which the project’s stakeholders may effectively use with a roll-out plan to different target entities. With this aim in mind, an effective communication strategy is put in place. Facilitating and increasing the uptake of BigDataStack results, a specific task on standardisation was set in place. This task is realising the European Open Source Initiative that will aim at high impact of the BigDataStack outcomes.

D7.5 Dissemination, Standardisation and Adoption Roadmap

This report is scoped under Work Package 7 “Communication, Exploitation, Standardisation & Roadmapping” of BigDataStack project. The main objectives of WP7 are to: